Trans & Non-Binary Fundraisers

Back in 2018, I set up a fundraiser highlight tab on my Instagram page exclusively to boost and promote Trans, Non-Binary and Gender Non-Conforming fundraisers. Since then, I’ve hosted two digital drag shows, one a fundraiser towards a queer on this list and one towards a trans charity/organisation. Since its creation, the tab has featured over 50 pals, both new and old, from around the world towards meeting their fundraising goals!!

Submissions to this list are OPEN. Simply just DM me to be added with your Name, Pronouns and link!

*POC, Trans Femme and Trans Youth fundraisers will be prioritized*

Fundraisers do NOT have to be solely for medical/surgical costs. They can also be mutual aid/housing/employment etc, related, as long as the person fundraising is Trans, Non-Binary or Gender Non-Conforming! ❀

You can donate below to these wonderful icons by clicking on the different names in green text to go to their fundraiser! Let’s help everyone reach their goals! Every penny, like and share counts!

Adahlia | @adhaliapoems (She/Her),

Arlo |Β  _piss_brain (They/Them/He)

Carter | (He/Him)

Charli (They/Them)

Danny (He/Him)

Ezra | @nnnancyboy (He/Him) 

Finn | @spacey.finn (He/Him),


Jianda | @jiandamonique (They/Them)

Libby | @opulenceeeeee (She/Her) 

Ludo | @t_h_e_g_o_b_l_i_n 

Matt | (He/Him)

Morgan | @skortlami (They/She) 

Neil | (He/Him) 

Phoenix | (He/They)


Siobhan | @gofundsiobhan (She/Her) 

Shawna | @apieceofcabbage (She/They)

Willow | @i-gemini.drag (Fae/Faer)