Art Foundation Entry Project: Change of State

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Consider the phrase “Change of State” in its broadest sense. Apply the processes of analysis, deconstruction and reconfiguration to ONE of the following sources: An Object

  1. Methodology: Artist Research

2. Analysis


Digital Mock-up of outfit design


Mock-up sketches of outfit design


Samples in sketchbook and early project notes


The jacket was distressed using a combination of sandpaper, ranging from 60-240 grit and a lemon zester from a cheese grater.

Following sampling, it was clear that the jacket was resistant to bleach, which was the original deconstructive idea to add another dimension to the piece.

I used Acrylic paint to splatter the jacket. The colours from the Transgender flag. This process was done before reconstruction so as not to lose the typography print of the patch Appliques.

3. Reconstruction

Patch Applique

Sewing on one of the thirteen individually screen-printed patches. This one was machine sewed, but there is a combination of hand and machine sewing across them. Edges were left raw to fray naturally.

After pining the seams, the left and right front jacket panels were re-attached to the back panel. The seams were sewn with two running stitches and a zig-zag stitch to add strength and reinforcement using a sewing machine.

Iron on Patches

A total of five LGBTQ+ iron-on patches were affixed to the jacket on both the front and back. I feel the mixture of typography and symbols unified the concept.

Adding Spikes

Five individual bronze spikes were added to the top of each shoulder to add an extra element.

Final Garment

Featuring an assortment of LGBTQ+ pin badges, patches, safety pins, iron-on transfers, the thirteen screen-printed slur patches and metal spikes.

Brief Notes

Both the message and meaning of this garment have been subverted, and it is not recognisable to its original form with its alterations. Originally it was a plain green camouflage military-style jacket. It has been drastically altered and had its state changed through distressing, texture splatting with paint in the trans pride colours (pink/white/blue), including additions such as safety pins, badges, iron on transfers and spikes.

Over thirteen hand-screen printed patches have been affixed across the entire jacket, featuring reclaimed words of a transphobic, racist and homophobic nature that have been used negatively towards me throughout my life. I decided to display these across the jacket to strengthen the power of pride and identity within my gender, race and sexuality.

Though the original jacket has changed dramatically, the overall look of the garment stays true to the purpose by offering a form of protection against the world whilst paying homage to three core parts of my identity as a Queer, Trans, and Non-Binary Person of Colour.

I really enjoyed the process of conceptualizing and reconstructing/destructing the jacket, and I hope that that shines through with my entry project.